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Market Changes drive Innovation in Paint and Process

Nearly 350 High Qualified Automotives Experts will spend 2 days together to discuss and debate the following issues:

1.Regulation Compliance

- New Regulations in NAFTA
- Impact of banning current Chemical composants
- New Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Requirements
What can we learn? How to anticipate and adapt?


- How do ensure Quality with changing substrates for new vehicles (EV, Autonomous, Short Rental etc...)
- How to ensure the compatibility between the paint materials, substrate and bounding materials
- How to paint and cure a multiple substrate car body on the same line

3.How Consumers Requirements and Industry 4.0 will change the Paint Process

4.Performance in Installing and starting up New or Renovated Paintshops

- What are the risks and how to manage them
- Cost and Timing Management
- Critical factors to ensure that the Project installation and Start up are successfull

5.Benchmarking Paint Quality

- How to achieve the OEM marketing requirement on quality, color, durability, TwoTone and Paint appearance etc.…
- What are the latest developments and techniques (e.g. Closed loop…..)
- Paint Measurement
- Industrial Production feedback

6. Integration of the latest Paint and Process technology into existing paint facilities to conform to the latest environmental and operational requirements

- How to achieve the OEM technology requirements to save materials costs and ensure better quality
- What is the current status?
- What is the impact on Plant Installations and Equipment?
- Impact and benefit of Industry 4.0., including Big Data

7. What will be the Status 10 years from now

- What Paint, Substrate, Film or other materials will be used?
- Where do we direct our R&D for the next 10 years?